Singapore Travel Trips

Singapore Travel Trips

How to get to Singapore?

We have been to Singapore twice. The first time we went to Singapore during our all around the world trip. We arrived on the first Christmas holiday in 2016 from Osaka. The second time we have been to Singapore was beginning of 2020 where we arrived from Hongkong and spent a couple of days before going to Malaysia. Based on this experience, we want to share our top travel tips for Singapore.

We spent the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve on our all around the world trip in Singapore staying with friends. Besides exchanging stories about their and our around the world trip we took some time to explore Singapore. The crew of the Jetstar flight we have taken from Osaka to Singapore has distributed Christmas caps for each passenger. Look how our flight looked like afterwards. The many bags we were carrying on arrival in Singapore are not our normal travel luggage. We have been shopping in Japan presents for our friends and in addition we have left a package in Singapore to send it home together with other staff from our friends.

Singapore Travel Tips

Botanic Garden (UNESCO World Heritage)

Of course, the first thing to see on our list was the botanic garden with its colorful orchids since it is the only UNESCO World Heritage in Singapore.

Enjoying the incredible skyline

What we have done really every day was stunning at the incredible skyline of Singapore. Yes, we have already visited other cities with skyscrapers and we are living in Frankfurt, but Singapore’s skyline is completely different. The skyscraper have very harmonic forms and fit together very well. Moreover, in the night, the colorful and creative enlighten skyline is something what other cities should learn from Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands & Marina Barrage

Marina Bay Sands has a very impressive architecture with the roof looking like a ship. All three pillars are used as a hotel but also include a shopping mall and a casino. The view from the top at the skyline of Singapore is amazing. Take a walk from the Merlion to the Marina Bay Sands along the Waterfront Promenade to get beautiful views on this hotel complex. The last picture was taken from Marina Barrage. Marina Barrage is a dam built across the 350-metre wide Marina Channel to keep out seawater. In the area around the barrage you can enjoy also a very nice view on Singapore with not so many tourists. Our recommendation: Take a picnic with you and enjoy the light show in the Gardens by the Bay.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is an artificial and huge park at Marina Bay. One of the highlight of the gardens are the super-trees which are artificially planted with a steel frame. At the time we have visited the gardens in 2016, the Christmas market was still open but due to the weather we preferred cold beer instead of mulled wine. When it is dark the trees flash along the music playing and at the end it starts to snow. This was the moment everybody freaked out and could not make enough pictures. Unforgettable moment since there were so many people really freaking out about the snow. So we did!


One of our favorite places in Singapore are the quays, namely the Clark and Boat Quay. Walking up and down is something we do every time visiting Singapore.

Sir Raffles at Clark Quay Boat Quay Singapore

Singapore’s harbor

We haven’t expected Singapore as being so green with tropical gardens and parks. Look at the view from our friends’ apartment to the harbor.

Little India

More delicious food is available in Little India. The colorful houses also invite for a nice walk through this area.


Singapore has four official languages: Malay, Tamil, Mandarin and English. This is the reason why the main signs are written in these four languages:

Sigapore language Malay, Tamil, Mandarin and English


We have taken the bicycles to get to Sentosa Island. The island is separated from the main island of Singapore by a channel of water but can easily be reached via the Sentosa Gateway. Formerly used as a British military base, the island was created to be a popular tourist destination. You can find many tourist attractions like fun parks, Madame Tussauds Singapore, and the Universal Studios Singapore. During our visit we were amazed by the houses showing wealth of the people. It’s definitely one of our top travel tips for Singapore.

Our favorite dishes in Singapore

We have tried a traditional Singapore Laksa in a hawker center. Really delicious despite the spiciness…

Paul trying Singapore Laksa

Besides the Laksa we can recommend the hawker center for satay, Hainan chicken or the many different dishes from all over the world offered in the centers.

Our book recommendations

Travel books

The first time we have been to Singapore we have bought a comprehensive travel book about Singapore.

The second time we have relied on the combined Malaysia and Singapore travel guide.

If you are interested in a novel, we can recommend Foreign Bodies – a tale of young people who are on the wrong side of the justice system in Singapore.

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